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Drentech™chest drains
Comprehensive range of cardio-thoracic chest drains.

Mobile alto    Since 1999 Redax has developed
    a revolutionary range of chest drainage  systems
    responding to all clinical needs,
    both cardio and thoracic- surgery departments.
Percutaneous drainage set UNICO™
Innovative catheter for minimal invasive centesis
and miscellaneous drainage procedures..

unico    Redax Drentech Unico ™ is an innovative and practical
    multipurpose system for different percutaneous drainage
    applications. Drentech UNICO ™ is mainly but not
    exclusively indicated for:
      • Spontaneous and traumatic pneumothorax
      • Haemothorax
      • Pleural effusion
      • Abscess and miscellaneous drainage
      • Recurrent oncological pleural effusion
      • Thora-paracentesis
The system is provided with a Verres needle for an easier and a-traumatic insertion of
the polyurethane catheter. Thanks to the two one-way valves integrated into the
systemthe drainage procedure can be carried out by an easy “pull and push” technique.
Fluids are collected into the dedicated collection bag, also provided with an anti-reflux valve.
Thoracic catheters
The wider range of chest catheters fitting to any clinicall needs.

thoracic    Redax proposes a large variety of superior quality
    silicone and PVC catheters for cardio-thoracic
    surgery applications. Our drains are perfectly compatible
    with our range of chest drains to guarantee of fully
    reliable drainage performance.
Fluted drains
High performance design to increase fluid drainage and patient comfort.

fluted drains   Redax fluted drains are breakthrough and high performance
   drains that sensibly improved drainage practices. 
   Our innovative range of high quality silicone fluted drains
   includes Spiral Drain™ and Smart Drain.
Wound drainage
The full wound drainage systems options.

wound drainage    Redax proposes the most complete wound drainage range.
    Ideal for post-operative applications, REDAX drains
    can be also used in combination with our set of silicone
    reservoir and closed wound systems.
Blood recovery in orthopaedics

drentech surgical    Redax offer includes two post-operative blood
    recovery devices, especially used after arthroplasty
    and spinal surgery. Perfectly safe closed system with
    double built-in filtration, avoid risk of contamination and
    guarantees a trustwhorty blood reinfusion.
    (According to a recent survey) Redax systems proved
    to be smart and efficient solutions to reduce
    blood management costs.

accessories   Redax most innovative and complete
   range of drainagesystems is ideally
   completed with a set of accessories,
   which fulfill the usern needs.
   Redax accessories set incledes
   the latest products that
   doctors and nurses demand.