Redax Company Profile
Nowadays companies success is mainly driven by its capability to innovate and continuously adapt to evolving market environment. 

DSC7590Redax combines experience and innovation with the ability to portray clinical requirements, through continuous cooperation with physicians, engineers and opinion leaders. At Redax, from product prototype to marketing, nothing is left to chance.

Research and development department, deep knowledge of raw materials for biomedical use, have provided a broad and complete range of drains and still offer continuous new solutions, enhancing Redax products catalogue. We have extensive expertise in silicone moulding processes, which allows production optimization, ensuring the highest quality silicone drainage on the market. Redax R&D highly innovative potential has also been recognized by international patents.

Internal production processes guarantee control all over manufacturing stages and secure superior quality products, fast delivery and competitive costs.

Our quality system is assured by ISO90001:2008 and ISO 13485:2000 certifications audited by TUV SUD (0123). We are proud to have Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) accreditation in Japan and Korea, and about to be accreditated also in USA. This is the highest reward for our products reliability and safety.